Meet the Maker

Hello lovelies! I'm Jaicey, founder and owner of Eden Organics, mumma to baby boy Eden, ocean lover and coffee enthusiast. 
Born and raised in Cronulla Beach in Sydney's South, my love of natural skincare was formed after finally being exposed to it years after trying all sorts of avenues to cure hormonal acne and problematic skin.
By all sorts, I mean it all... using products I was told by "professionals" was good for my skin even though it left my clothes and towels in bleach stains, and my skin dry and flaky because "natural oils from my skin is the issue". I was put on the contraceptive pill to help balance these hormonal changes that while in our teen years is completely normal. Everyone around me was so quick to jump to medicated options that when I stopped these things all together and my skin cleared up almost instantly - they were baffled.
Already on the plastic-free bandwagon by 19 years of age, I was constantly on the road and found minimalistic and multi-purpose materials useful, and this revelation motivated me to attempt making my own skincare out of local and organically sourced ingredients - which is why now at 24 and with a Beauty Therapy cert under my belt, I'm able to confidently share my findings and creations so you can see the results for yourself too.