Where do you source your products?
All our products are handmade! We source our ingredients in bulk from local Australian suppliers, then individually create your products from our office in Sydney. 

Why powdered masks and not liquid? 
Without nasty chemicals needed to stabilise a mixture as a liquid, the shelf life of a powdered mask is much longer than that of liquid forms, meaning if you use your mask only every now and then, you can be rest assured that the quality will not deteriorate over time. Not only that, but powder allows your creativity to kick in when playing with your preferred consistency of the clay itself. We've also found that powder creates less wastage left inside the pots, opposite to wet masks that tend to get stuck on the inside walls.

How do I know which mask is right for me?
Even thought each mask targets different skin types, they're designed so that you can't go wrong with any choice, or even multi-mask! If you have questions regarding which one is better for yourself or another recipient, you can always email us or use the messenger on our home page to talk to one of us.

Can I buy a single sample pot instead of the pack of three?
Soon! Single pots in all sorts of sizes are in the works, along with new lines of products for you to enjoy. If you'd like to stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter below!

My vessel arrived broken. What do I do?
Oh no! While we take every measure to ensure our packaging is tight and protective, sometimes accidents happen during transit that are out of our control. Make sure to send us a clear photo of the damage, the packaging, and the shipping label in one shot, so we can chat with our courier and organise a replacement.
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes! Free shipping will be automatically applied at the checkout for orders of $100 or more.
Do you offer international shipping?
Not yet! We're working on providing shipping to most major countries and you'll definitely be the first to know when that is.
How do I store your products?
Due to the nature of our products, they're best kept in a cool and dark place, somewhere like inside your bathroom cabinet or vanity. Always place the lid of your vessel back on after each use, and keep your leftover product away from moisture to promote longevity. 
Do you have gift cards/vouchers?
We do! Take a look at our "Shop All" page to view or purchase.
Are your products vegan friendly? 
Everything you see in our store is both vegan friendly and cruelty free. We love our furry friends and don't believe they should be tested on. 
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