About Us

Founded in Sydney Australia in the middle of a pandemic, Eden organics was an idea brought to life by duo Jaicey and Adrian, after realising Jaicey didn't want to return back to a 9-5 when their son Eden was born.

With that idea in mind, years of practising eco-friendly habits and trying to lessen our carbon footprint, the pair decided to start up Eden Organics to provide not just skincare, but sustainable and earth conscious bathroom products so you can enjoy your self care time knowing that you're making a difference. 

Already on the plastic-free mission by 19 years of age, I (Jaicey) was constantly on the road and found minimalistic and multi-purpose materials useful, and this revelation motivated me to attempt making my own skincare out of local and organically sourced ingredients - which is why now at 24 and with a Beauty Therapy cert under my belt, I'm able to confidently share my findings and creations so you can see the results for yourself too.

All products you'll find here at Eden Organics are hand crafted and consciously curated with personally sourced botanical, local, organic ingredients, packaged in recyclable glassware that you can either reuse for your own purposes, or send back to our office in Cronulla for a refill - sustainable every step of the way.