How To: Clay Face Mask

How To: Clay Face Mask

From extended shelf life, to being able to create the exact consistency you desire - there's many benefits of having a dry, clay based face mask, over other liquid or even plastic film masks. The biggest benefit is being able to create the masks with zero nasties! Other liquid masks need resins, stabilisers and anti-caking agents in them so they can sit on a shelf without separating. None of that here.

Putting a clay face mask on is super simple!

To create the perfect blend, we suggest adding one teaspoon of water to one tablespoon of powder in a cup, bowl, or otherwise, mix together, apply to face with an applicator, and sit back and relax for 15 mins. Once the mask has fully dried, rinse it off. If you'd like a bit of exfoliation at the same time, grab a reusable pad and work it in whilst taking the mask off.

Feel free to play with the water to clay ratio. It's your mask!


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