Getting To Know Us | Helena Fabian - Influencer

Getting To Know Us | Helena Fabian - Influencer

Where are you from? 

I was born and raised in Sydney, I can’t imagine living anywhere besides the coast! I‘m so lucky to live where I do near our beautiful Australian beaches. 

What is your favourite season? 

For me, you simply can’t beat summer! I feel like Sydney comes alive in the summer time, swimming in the ocean and socialising in the sun! 

What do you do for fun? 

I love any opportunity to be creative! Whether it’s art, photography, fashion or writing, I always need to be expressing my ideas and personality somehow. 

How long have you been using EO? 

Since the start of the year in the peak of summer! It’s done wonders for my skin, especially in the intense summer weather. It has helped soothe and restore, I’m obsessed! 

What is your main skin concern? 

I have combination skin and absolutely hate when it gets oily or greasy as I tend to breakout. It really ruins your confidence and makes you feel low if you don’t take care of yourself and treat your skin kindly. 

What is your favourite EO mask and why? 

My current favourite is the Sea & Seeds mask! It is so refreshing and clears up my skin when it is oily or damaged. It makes me feel like I’ve just been for a refreshing swim in the ocean! 

What is your favourite EO bath soak and why? 

I’m so keen to try the Inhale Bath soak! It looks like the perfect combination heading into the cooler weather! 

Considering tools too, what is your favourite EO product and why?

My essential go to tool has to be the cleansing face pad! It’s so easy to remove makeup and even your face mask! It’s so soft I love it! 

What are you personally excited for this year? 

I’m excited to have new experiences and push myself to achieve my creative and career goals! It's definitely a great year to re-evaluate what matters most to you and put that first!

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