A Word About our Products, our Packing, and the Earth

A Word About our Products, our Packing, and the Earth

Environmental concerns are something we're very passionate about here at Eden Organics, so we've decided to take small steps to help reduce our impact our products have on our home.

From the ingredients in the products ourselves, to the inks we use on our stickers and packaging - we've made as many steps as possible to ensure that it leaves as little a mark as possible on the environment.

Here's a quick rundown on the steps we've taken. 

Not sure what to do with your packaging once you're done? Click here!

Glass Jars and Bottles

Our products come in glass bottles and jars - but why just stop at recycling them? Upcycle and reuse them! We picked jars and bottles that we would want to reuse ourselves. Your creativity is the limit!

Once you're truly done with it (or it breaks), make sure it goes in the recycling bin. Most councils have a yellow lid mixed recycling bin for this - along with the rest of your glass, hard plastics and metals.

Sendle Mailers and Delivery

Sendle is fairly well known as a logistics and delivery company - though not as many people know just how good they are at making sure their business doesn't affect the Earth's business. We choose to ship with Sendle because they're sustainable, and because their packages are 100% biodegradable. Not only that - Sendle ship their products carbon neutral.

To learn more about Sendle and their biodegradable packaging, click here.

noissue Packaging and Labels

Another great company we've teamed with to package our products are noissue. They provide our stickers and labelling as well as our cardboard packing. Not only are all their products 100% home compostable, but all their paper is FSC certified, printed with non-toxic soy-based inks, and is acid, lignin and sulfur-free. Oh, and they plant trees. To learn more, click here.

HeapsGood Hex Wrap

HeapsGood packaging are yet another Aussie owned eco-packaing company that we use - specifically for their awesome paper hex-wrap! This does away with the need for plastic packaging peanuts or foams, and instead uses something that - you guessed it - is 100% home compostable. To learn more about HeapsGood, click here.

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