"A Little Overpriced" - A Random Comment

"A Little Overpriced" - A Random Comment

Someone left this comment on one of my Facebook ads recently, and being a new small business, I felt the need to clarify why my prices are what they are so that you, as a consumer, can understand what you're buying when shopping with us.
How it Works - Pricing
The Inside:
We source local and organic ingredients for every product that we make. naturally, pure ingredients have a higher price point when purchasing, regardless of wholesale or bulk
The Outside:
As our vessels are both glass and engraved bamboo, we've ensured that they serve multiple purposes other than just storing your masks and bath soaks.
The Business: 
Along with purchasing ingredients and vessels, starting a small business requires marketing, PR, domain and email fees, labelling, item postage and more, as well as needing to pay ourselves for the work and order new and exciting products to trial for release to public.

I will always be fully transparent with you about what we do here at Eden Organics, and why we do what we do.  

If you have any questions at all, you can always email jaicey@edenorganics.net.au

Lots of love,

Jaicey x

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